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Friday, December 15, 2017


14 Dec 2017 | Uncategorized

1. Najib fears financial support for the opposition. To stop this Najib resorts to threats and harassments against potential donors to the opposition.

2. This takes the form of squeezing individuals and companies for extra income and corporate taxes. The Income Tax people visit the potential donors and demand to be paid more taxes.

3. The records show that these people have paid all their taxes. But Income Tax people would reclassify allowances and make them taxable. Tax would be demanded on these newly taxable items and back dated by 10 or 20 years. Suddenly the tax payers find that they have to pay millions in back taxes.

4. They may protest and refuse to pay. The tax people will blacklist them and seize company books and other records. With this business had to stop. The losses would be huge.

5. Court procedures can take years. The losses would mount. Sometimes passports would be confiscated, again obstructing business.

6. Desperate, the tax-payers would bargain with the tax-collector. He would agree to pay a lesser amount and plead for payment in instalments. Sometimes the tax department would agree. But the tax payers are warned not to donate to opposition parties; not even being seen near them.

7. With that not only will the opposition be deprived of funds but the Government would collect more taxes. At a time when businesses are not doing well, the Government records more taxes being collected.

8. Another form of harassment is to accuse the businessmen of money laundering. No evidence need to be shown that this crime has been committed. The accusation alone is enough for the Government to freeze the accounts of the individual or company in the banks. With the funds frozen, business cannot be done. And of course no donation to the opposition can be made.

9. The victim would appeal. He would agree to a fine of a good portion of his money. But he must agree not to donate to the opposition parties, not even to continue friendship with certain individuals.

10. This type of tax-collecting is unprecedented. But the staff are said to be willing to do illegal things because they may receive a bonus for increasing tax collection.

11. All the signs show that the Government is short of funds. Ministries have been told to cut down on the budget allocated to them.

12. The huge loans taken by 1MDB and by the Government itself need to be serviced and paid. By the end of July, IPIC was paid USD 600 million. There are USD 600 million more to be paid by December 17.

13. The Government had hoped to borrow 55 billion for the East Coast Rail Link from China. There is no way the ECRL can earn enough money to repay this huge loan.

14. All the signs show the Government will not be able to meet even its normal obligations in terms of operation and development.

15. But the Government is spending more money to counter voter sentiment against Najib and his Government. Najib believes if the amount given is big enough, the voters would vote for him.

16. Currently Felda settlers are up in arms over the debts they had to take to purchase FGV shares and for replanting. Basically Najib promised to wipe out these debts with Government money.

17. His latest decision is as follows:

a) For 94,956 Felda settlers he will give RM 5000/- each (total RM 474,780,000).

b) Those who lost money because of the fall in the price of FGV share they had bought would get a gift of RM1800/- each.

c) Settlers who had left the Felda scheme will get all these incentives if they choose to rejoin Felda within 6 months.

d) For armed force Veterans a new pension scheme will be given to those veterans who were not eligible for pensions.

e) For the chairman and secretary of the Village Development Committee (JKKK) monthly pay of RM900 and RM300 will be paid as meeting allowances. There are 33, 000 Chairman and Secretaries. (cost RM350 million per annum).

f) Fisherman will be paid RM300 pm (Cost RM54.4 million)

g) Lots more money including BRIM would be given to all categories of people, increasing as elections approaches. Basically these are bribes, blatant bribes which are against the law.

18. Where will the billions given out come from. Government has a limited amount of money. Government may borrow but repayment cost money. Failure to repay may result in the country being declared bankrupt. Truly Najib is dragging the country to bankruptcy.

19. But now comes the ultimate blow. Prevent the opposition from offering an alternative to BN in the coming election. To do this all the Government has to do is to refuse or delay the registration of the Pakatan Harapan Coalition and to deregister Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia, the party of choice of UMNO dissidents and UMNO supporters among the voters.

20. But Najib will still lose. The opposition can fall back on Plan B and Plan C.

- chedet

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