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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Salahkah untuk berterima kasih terhadap usaha berterusan orang tua ini?

20 Dec 2016 

1. Some people seem to be annoyed that a 90+ man is not doing the natural thing for people of 90 i.e. rest, play with grandchildren and prepare for the next world.

2. Yes, I am not doing the right thing for a ninety year old. It is not always my choice. I am responding to the appeals by numerous groups of Malaysian people for me to do “something”.

3. Very early after Najib took over the premiership a lot of people, mainly Malays but also non-Malays seemed to be unhappy with Najib’s leadership and direction. Small businesses and contractors had to fold up because they were unable to compete.

4. Yes, he was doing away with the alleged cronyism by me but they claim his cronyism is working against them. The private sector could not be penetrated by them. They needed Government’s positive discrimination.

5. When Najib did away with affirmative action of the NEP they lost everything. And they came to appeal to me.

6. Other groups were not happy with his economic policies, his 1Malaysia slogan, his foreign policies etc. They all came to ask me to “do something”.

7. I did. I conveyed their criticisms to Najib. He did not respond at all.

8. Then came the 1MDB affair. They pointed to all the wrongdoings that Najib did e.g. borrowed 42 billion Ringgit at high interest and 10% commission, failed to do due diligence when investing billions, kept money in dubious places, being too close to Jho Low, a total outsider etc.

9. By then I felt that something must be done to stop Najib. The country was losing lots of money. I informed Najib I could not support him any longer. Then I decided to resign from UMNO.

10. Now it is no longer about people urging me to do something. Now I feel a need to stop Najib from further damaging the country.

11. To cut a long story short, I found that the rule of law has been nullified by Najib. The IGP and the AG protect him from due process. Even Parliament has been rendered toothless, incapable of representing the views of the people who elected the members and totally incapable of having a vote of non-confidence against Najib’s administration.

12. Najib has not been deterred by the open accusation that he had stolen public money. He is continuing with his disastrous line of action. He is borrowing even more money despite not being able to service and repay the 42 billion Ringgit he had borrowed for 1MDB.

13. He is now borrowing 55 billion Ringgit for the East Coast Railway, and another 50 billion for the high-speed train. He is now going to build the Pan-Borneo Highway costing 16 billion when it is known that the Government cannot meet the budgeted expenses for all the Ministries.

14. The country must certainly become bankrupt because there is no way we can pay this huge debt. Alternatively we will have to sell all our assets to raise the money.

15. Already we are seeing some of our most valuable assets being sold. The TRX and Bandar Malaysia, Sungai Besi are two of the most valuable. But we will have to sell land for the East Coast Railway. The sale of Edra is an example.

16. With all these things happening it is hard for a ninety year old citizen just to sit still and play with grandchildren. Yes I am preparing for the Akhirat but Allah be praised, I still have time on my hand to do other things. And the other things I can do is to lend some ideas on preventing the damages that is being done to the country by Najib.

17. So this old man will continue to contribute to the campaign to change the government of Malaysia.

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