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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Apa Ke Halnya Pulak!

Vice Admiral quits?

Unconfirmed reports about a senior officer of the rank of a vice admiral, threw in the towel very recently. It came as a surprise to many, even within the Royal Malaysian Navy.

Since there are only three senior officers in the Navy who are vice admiral rank, then the guess-work is very narrow. They are Deputy Chief of Navy Dato’ Nordin Mohd Ali, Fleet Commander Dato’ Jamil Osman and Chief of Staff Malaysian Armed Forces HQ Dato’ Ahmad Kamarulzaman Badaruddin. All three have demonstrated long unequivocal loyalty to the flag, exemplary leadership and their service to His Majesty’s Navy could not be equated any less than illustrious. In short, they are world class Navy officers.

Reason of the unceremonious resignation is uncertain although rumours have had bets placed on ‘personal matters’.

At posting time, MINDEF officials are unable to confirm this report. However, to quote one of the senior officials in ATM, ”This matter is expected to be raised at the next Armed Forces Council meeting, for a final decision”. Never the less, it would be great loss to RMN if this report is confirmed to be true. Although it will open new opportunities amongst the junior admirals, it takes an average of thirty sea faring years to groom a vice admiral.

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