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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Satu Penemuan

Di bawah ini ada salah satu n3 dari Tranungkite Online


1. Bukak Microsoft Word.

2. Taipkan dalam huruf besar, Q33 NY ..
Q33 NY ni adalah number pesawat yang
melanggar WtC tu..

3. Tukar saiz font tu kepada saiz 48.

4. Highlightkan Q33 NY tu. Tukar kepada font WINGDINGS.

Apa yang anda nampak? Allahuakbar ..
sesungguhnye benda ni dah lama wujud
tanpa sesiapa yang menjangkakannye ...
Kelihatan gambar sebuah Kapal Terbang
melanggar WTC (menara berkembar tu) ..
dah cube dah memang


  1. salam,

    sebenarnya benda ni dah lama disebarkan melalui email dlm tahun 2002/2003 rasanya. utk info no pesawat yg langgar wtc tu bukan Q33NY.

  2. W'salam paloi bin mulau.

    Kebetulan atau rekaan? Dah baca the truth of 9/11?

  3. Mohammed's birth is celebrated on the 11th day of the 9th month

    September 11th is the 254th day of the year: 2 + 5 + 4 = 11.

    After September 11th there are 111 days left to the end of the year.

    119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran. 1 + 1 + 9 = 11.

    Twin Towers - standing side by side, looks like the number 11.

    The number of stories is 110 (2x) 110 - 110
    Remember that the zero "0" is not a number, so we have 11:11

    The number of Tower windows = 21,800 2+1+8+0+0 = 11

    The third building #7 to fall had 47 stories = 4+7=11

    The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11

    American Airlines number1-800-245-0999

    1+8+0+0+2+4+5+0+9+9+9=47 = 11

    State of New York - The 11th State added to the Union

    New York City - 11 Letters

    Afghanistan - 11 Letters

    The Pentagon - 11 Letters

    Ramzi Yousef - 11 Letters
    (convicted of orchestrating the bombing attack on the WTC in 1993.
    He is a blind man.
    He was a Muslim teacher in a mosque)

    If you annagram 'Osama bin Laden' you get.... "A blind Man O sea"....
    'Man o sea' is spanish for..."a man that is"
    If you say it...'A Man o sea blind' it means... 'A man that is blind'
    If you put in "a man o sea blind" into a language translator
    it gives you back... ' to the man that is blind'
    Since Osama bin Laden means 'A man that is blind'
    you have 'the blind man leading the blind'

    George W. Bush - 11 Letters

    Flight 11 - 92 on board - 9 + 2 = 11

    Flight 11 had 11 crew members

    Flight 77 - 65 on board - 6 + 5 = 11

    The Flight 11 call letters were AA11: A=1, A=1, AA=11.

    Four of the hijackers on flight AA11 have the initials A. A. for their names: AA=11.

    The fifth AA11 hijacker was the pilot, Mohamed Atta, 11 letters, and AA in last name.

    Flight AA11 had 92 people on board - 9 + 2 = 11.

    Flight AA11 had 11 crew members - 2 pilots and 9 flight attendants.

    The target of Flight AA11 was in New York City -11 letters.

    The State of New York was the 11th State added to the Union.

    Manhattan Island was discovered on Sept. 11, 1609 by Henry Hudson -11 letters.

    Trade Center is 11 letters, and Skyscrapers is 11 letters.

    World Trade Center Towers is 22 letters - 2 x 11 =22.

    The WTC Twin Towers - standing side by side, look like the number 11.

    The first WTC tower hit (North Tower) collapses at 10:28 A.M. -1+2+8=11.

    The 1st Fire Unit to arrive to the WTC towers was FDNY Unit 1. Unit 1 lost 11 firemen.

    The WTC towers collapsed to a height of 11 stories.

    After 99 days of burning, NYC declares the WTC fires are extinguished - 9 x 11 = 99.

    The World Trade Center fires burn continuously for 99 days, between September 11, 2001 and

    December 19, 2001. The World Trade Center fire is the longest burning commercial fire in U.S. history.

    On September 7, 2002, NYC Medical Examiners announced the revised official

    death toll from the World Trade Center attacks was 2,801 - (2+8+0+1 = 11).

    On the morning of September 11, 2002 the names of 2,801 victims were read at a Ground Zero

    Ceremony. It took 2 ½ hours to read all the names.

    According to the FBI, earlier terrorists originally planned to hijack 11 planes.

    Thirty days after the attack, the FBI releases a Most Wanted Terrorist List with 22 names.

    Mohammed, the prophet of the Muslim faith, died in 632 A.D. - 6+3+2=11.

    The Taliban's Manual of Afghan Jihad (Holy War) is 11 volumes.

    119 is the area code to Iraq/Iran - 1 + 1 + 9 = 11.

    The League of Arab States is comprised of 22 Arab nations - 2 x 11 = 22.

    The suspected base of the terrorists is Afghanistan - 11 Letters.

    Osama bin Laden's birthplace is Saudi Arabia - 11 letters.

    Ramzi Yousef - convicted of orchestrating the 1993 WTC attack - 11 Letters.

    The Prime Minister of Israel - Ariel Sharon - 11 Letters.

    Deputy PM, & Minister of Foreign Affairs for Israel - Shimon Peres - 11 Letters.

    On Friday 9-13-2001, President George W. Bush went to the WTC to talk with and thank the Firefighters, rescuers, and police officers who have given their time and hearts tirelessly 24 hours a day since the horrible tragedy. President Bush stood on top of a pile of rubble with a firefighter whose helmet was numbered 164.
    1+6+4 = 11

    The train which was stopped and two suspected terrorist arrested near San Antonio, Texas was #121 = 11 x 11

    The first plane to hit the towers was Flight 11 by
    American Airlines or AA - A=1st letter in alphabet so we have again 11:11

    The house where the terrorist are believed to have lived had # 10001
    (don't count the zeros)

    Flight 11, 93, 175, 77 -

    If these numbers are broken down, 11 actually remains the same in numerology,
    93 becomes 12, 175 becomes 13 and 77 becomes 14. 11 - 12 - 13 - 14
    Broken down again and you have 2 - 3 = 4 - 5.
    Add them all up and break them all down!

    11 + 93 + 175 + 77 = 356 = 14 = 5

    11 + 12 + 13 + 14 = 50 = 5

    2 + 3 + 4 + 5 = 14 = 5

    Twin Towers =11 + Flight 11 + September, 11th = 33

    The number "33" is linked to Freemasonry.

    "The Symbolism and Spiritual Significance
    of the Number Eleven"



  4. Salam uncle.
    Tertanya juga macamana tetiba diorang boleh nampak kaitan antara nombor dan font..

  5. assalamualaikum..
    benda nih da lama da uncle..
    mmg semua org tahu..
    tak tau nak cakap mcm mana.. kebetulan ke apa..

    16/9 tu mmg rekaan tak jadi uncle..

  6. Salam sdr. mogen.

    Penerangan yang panjang lebar. Terima kasih. Tapi macam kitab tajul muluk pula! kiraan angka.

  7. W'salam Rashid.

    Yelah. Macam mana boleh dikaitkan dengan huruf dan angka pula.

  8. Wa alaikumussalam Luth Textile.

    Memang dulu ada uncle dengar tetapi tidak ambil hal. Tapi bila perkara ini ditimbulkan balik, agaknya ada keistimewaannya kot?

  9. I don't know ur language.But anywasys have a good day friend/

  10. Dear vishalini.

    You are welcome although you don't read and understand our language. Friend is always a friend no matter where ever you are.

  11. the 9-11 incident is all well planned and done by an insider to america. it's not done by any "muslim terrorist", nor has it been clearly proven with hard evidence that any muslims were involved in the 9-11 attacks.

    please watch this series of The Arrivals (50 videos on youtube) and you will understand what is currently going on in this time of ours. i would suggest u watch part 35 onwards till 50 to watch what actually happen during 9-11.

    here is the link to part 35, search youtube under the title the arrivals (or

  12. rashid,

    nak kait huruf dgn angka tak start with winding fonts...find the appropriate symbols to designate the 9-11 attack...then covert it to the letter and get that so called flight number.

    it's a simple commonsense reversal concept.

    if you look to that winding symbols again and watch the arrivals video link i just gave above, you will understand the connection between the "star of david" in that winding symbols to the attack on 9-11. ;)

    wake up brother (wakeupproject)...we are closer to the end of time now. they are waiting for their messiah...and the time will arrive soon.

    let's all be prepared with the necessary knowledge of islam to avoid being victims.

  13. Garden.

    Uncle agree with you. A lot thing are doubtful. And from what I have got from internet, there is no such thing that the Muslims are involved.

    The 9/11 are well planed for US getting a license to attack Muslim countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

  14. Tuan,

    I'm here to share what I discovered from my own readings and research.

    If it benefits all especially the Muslims, then it should be let known.

    If any of you who finds some significance over the Arrivals video, kindly help to get the message across.


  15. Garden.

    Thank you and insya Allah I will.

  16. Hanis.

    Itu adalah satu penemuan selepas kejadian. Baru ramai orang mengkaji, spekulasi dan sebagainya.


Cakaplah apa saja yang benar asalkan tidak menghina sesiapa