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Friday, February 28, 2014

A housewife who travels in a private jet

YOURSAY ‘Rosmah, as a ‘housewife’, it is not your job to deliver water.’

Rosmah delivers drinking water to dry-taps folk
Jiminy Qrikert: So Rosmah Mansor is a simple housewife who jetsets to her shopping sprees, buys Birkin handbags, humongous diamond rings and has a full guard of honour for just delivering drinking water.
The poor thing saved all her life to collect enough money to buy all these things. Now she is working like a horse to put nuts and bolts together to make ends meet and make her husband look good.
Mushiro: A group of girl guides waited for one and a half hours for her, and housewives waited for 10 days for ‘housewife’ Rosmah to deliver the water.
Onyourtoes: Rosmah, if you are just a housewife, it is not your job to deliver water.
Please, probably it is not your doing, but I would appreciate if you could ask the organisers or those who love to butter you not to ask those young people waiting by the roadside for more than one-and-a-half hours for your arrival.
SpongeBob: "According to the press statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office during the event, each household will be given two 5.5-litre bottles of drinking water."
What a generous offer with pure intention to enhance Rosmah's image, which is badly hit recently.
This two 5.5-litre bottles will probably only last one day. So, this is done as the saying goes like this: "Udang di sebalik batu" and “Melepaskan batok di tangga.”
Abasir: “What do you want me to say? I’m not a politician, I’m just a housewife,” Rosmah told Malaysiakini journalist.
And one who travels for free on a taxpayer-funded government jet.

Louis: Rosmah, Malaysiakini is not writing lies, unlike Utusan Malaysia. You have at your disposal hundreds of lawyers who are willing to help you sue Malaysiakini till kingdom come. But why are you so afraid to take them to court?
Now you claim to be a housewife and therefore not a national leader. So, how can all those racists claim that Seputeh MP Teresa Kok’s satire is insulting a Malay leader, when in your own words you confessed you are only a housewife?
And please ask your husband, PM Najib Razak, not to praise you sky high for just distributing a few litres of water to the public.
Bystander: “You can write all the lies you want. God bless you,” said Rosmah.
A guilty conscience? Why so judgmental on her part to labelMalaysiakini a liar? I am sure she knows of many great liars in her midst.
CiViC: I'm no Muslim but to accuse the Malaysiakini reporter of "writing lies" even before being directed any questions is worse than lying. God bless indeed, but I don't suppose you will be getting any.
Apa Ini?: Short-term solution - how long does 10 litres of drinking water last for a family of four or five?
Syabas must focus on the long-term solution or this is no more than a publicity stunt for the benefit of the ‘First Housewife’ of the country.
Apache: What is the point of giving 5.5 litres of water per household when you can instruct your cronies to accept Selangor government proposals to buy the water assets at a cheaper price?
If that is the case, the entire population of Selangor and Klang Valley will get 5.5 litres of water daily for their lifetime.
Will you deliver another 5.5 litres of water tomorrow after the water is consumed? How long do you think this amount of water will last for these recipients?

Joe Lee: Rosmah's got to be a fine candidate as Malaysia's 'Biggest Loser'. She's got the jet plane, the diamond rings; her son's a fast rising Hollywood producer, her husband is top dog. Apa lagi Rosmah mau?
360: Are they hoping to win the hearts and minds of the people of Selangor by these oppressive methods - religious contention and water shortage. What next, I wonder.
Taib: I'll only advise like the queen does
Anonymous #70881335: Like the Queen? In England, the royalty is more a symbol of respect than a point of power. Nobody thinks the royalty has power.
Former Sarawak CM Abdul Taib Mahmud, you will be more like the Chinese Dowager Empress, who tried to rule behind the throne.
Negarawan: Taib is admitting that his young Lebanese wife is the Queen of Sarawak, and probably she is running the state now, just like Rosmah is running Malaysia.
When will the rural and indigenous people of Sarawak realise that he has plundered and raped the wealth of Sarawak for enriching himself, his family members and cronies?
SpongeBob: Taib is an expert in governing a state in line with plundering the people to the maximum and pretend to be innocent. The next chief minister desperately needs this plundering advise from this man.
The country is producing great plunderer consultants, and in no time the country will become a point reference in plundering.
Me: How come Taib is so certain he will be the new Sarawak governor?

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