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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Najib Tidak Ikhlas Dan Tidak Amanah?

PM Najib, please be honest
June 28, 2013
FMT LETTER: From Ravinder Singh, via e-mail
In answering a question in parliament, PM Najib Tun Razak is reported to have said: “In our efforts to look for and achieve national reconciliation, I would like to stress that the results of the general election must be accepted because it was conducted according to the Federal Constitution”.
I don’t believe the Najib does not understand or cannot conceptualise the meaning of the phrase “approximately equal”. This is the phrase used in the Federal Constitution, to be exact in Para (c) of the 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution.

It is an order or directive to the Election Commission to ensure that the number of voters in each of the constituencies is APPROXIMATELY EQUAL.

The reason for this directive is simple – to be fair, to provide a level playing field so that candidates standing in the various constituencies have an equal opportunity. 

Dear Najib, can you as PM of all Malaysians explain what the EC has not explained to the voters up to now, i.e. why the directive in Para (c) of the 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution was not honoured?

In what way was it lawful for the EC to delineate the constituencies in such a way that “approximately equal” was anything but “approximately equal” as defined in the dictionary so long as the playing field was laid out with one purpose, i.e. to give an advantage to the ruling BN government?

By asking the people to accept the results of the 13th GE you are asking the people to legitimise the illegitimate delineation of the constituencies that was done by the EC for the advantage of your government.

Should those who have been voicing out their disagreement with the gerrymandering that was carried out by the EC to ensure the BN’s victory election after election, make an about turn and accept that victory through gerrymandering was in accordance to the Constitution (as you want them to believe), they would be setting a precedent that the Constitution can be thrown to the winds in the interests of BN, not the interests of the nation. 

It is you, dear PM Najib that has to concede that the total disregard of Para (c) of the 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution was very, very high-handed and very, very wrong right from the beginning. 

We are in a country that claims to cherish and practice good moral values which include Islamic moral values. Please tell us whether the gerrymandering that was done lives up to these good moral values. If so, then please take the trouble to explain how not honouring the directive in Para (c) of the 13th Schedule of the Federal Constitution is an honest, honourable thing to do. 

Do not expect everyone to take your word that the election was conducted according to the Federal Constitution at face value.

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