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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flight 370: Persoalan..........Dan Link Berita Mengejutkan

Flight 370 mystery: satellites omnipotence questioned
Nowadays tracking a person or a device down is a piece of cake. You can call 911 from the middle of nowhere and GPS satellites can tell dispatchers exactly where to send help. Airline passengers have access to detailed maps that show where they are during their journey. Use WiFi from any corner of the Earth and somehow Google knows whether you're logging on from Moscow or Tokyo. For all these abilities, how is it that we have no idea where Malaysia Flight 370 has gone? 

There are limitations to most of the technologies used in aviation, but satellites seem to be omnipresent. The base of all the modern air traffic tracking systems, the collection of satellites in space overcomes several hurdles that are faced by traditional radios and radars.

Satellite based tracking systems utilize satellite transmitters, receptors, decoders, 2-way communication antennas and microprocessors, working in sync with satellite stations. 

One of the most reliable techniques today is the union of satellite-based tracking and This technique determines the geographical position of the flight using GPS when the flight is ready to land. The role of the satellite is to exhibit a vivid light right from the launch point to the destination displaying real-time position of the plane.

A few days ago the British satellite system Inmarsat announced that they received an automated signal from flight MH370 at least five hours after the plane was reported lost. Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Raza revealed that a satellite tracked the missing plane at 8:11 a.m., more than seven hours after takeoff. 

Najib didn't provide details on the satellite tracking, but it appears that orbiters high above the ocean detected the plane as the satellite or satellites attempted a series of electronic connections with the aircraft, but it didn't respond because its communication systems were disabled. It's also possible that the airline doesn't subscribe to that part of the satellite system, the Prime Minister added.he claimed. 

Benjamin Radford, an American writer, who specializes on the topic of unexplained mysteries, says conducting the search on water is much more complicated than on land even with all the modern technology.

“What I’m hearing is that it could have flown for up to five hours. It was a fully loaded jet liner, they had plenty of fuel. That is greatly complicating the search and rescue mission because if it only had half a tank of fuel you could calculate where it might end it up.

This is what people ought to keep in mind when they are wondering why this is taking so long. It’s easy when you look on a map, these things are here, these things are there. We are talking about huge, vast areas of ocean,So even though we might feel like the world is constantly connected through the web, social networks or GPS, it is only a matter of switching one system off to make a plane with 239 people on board disappear without a trace.

Anna Mikhailova

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