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Saturday, March 29, 2014

MH370: Cuba Mengasak Pandangan Kita Untuk Percayakan Teori Mereka

Bukti MH370 terhempas kerana kebakaran Cockpit
Teori ini pun logik tapi......
Mereka seolah cuba sedaya upaya meyakinkan kita untuk percaya apa yang mereka hidangkan kepada kita

Is this proof that flight MH370 was downed by a 'blow torch' fire in its cockpit? British lawyers claim missing jet suffered same fate as another Boeing 777 three years ago

  • Malaysian authorities believe foul play aboard could have downed the jet
  • But London-based law firm believe a fault led the plane to catch fire
  • EgyptAir Boeing 777-200 with 291 passengers on board caught fire in 2011
  • Cairo fire due to problem with the cockpit hose used to provide oxygen 
  • 280 Boeing 777s were delivered with the faulty wiring that caused Cairo fire
  • It is unclear if Air MH370 was one of the affected planes 


  1. konon kokpit trbakar.. dngar cite dr laut cina slatan lg kokpit trbakar,alih2 bleh trbang jauh smpai 5,6jam ke lautan hindi baru trhempas konon.

  2. There was also another theory from the reliable person, two Iranian passengers who used fake identities has unleashed poison gas as the plane was in the air, a few minutes before they act. This caused the pilot made no distress call. After all the passengers, the crews and the pilots fainted or fell asleep, then those two who wore masks from the begin of their act, had entered the cockpit due to electrical failure by them to turn off the transponder and entering new destination towards the Indian Ocean. The aircraft was manned, flown low so as unable to be detected by the public radar but not by military radar. They were believed to plunge through the cargo door as the plane flew low and allowed the aircraft heading to the destination was prior set to be driven by autopilot. The goal is for being so angry (Grade A) at Shia condemnation issue by Zahid Hamidi and hordes of UMNO, during the party general assembly recently.


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