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Thursday, March 27, 2014

MH370: Lagi Spekulasi Celaka Dari Media Barat

'No one would ever find it': MH370's erratic final moments could point to a terrifying suicide mission... with Malaysian police now investigating the pilot's mindset in the days leading up to the flight

  • Analysis of MH370's final, erratic movements could point to a suicide mission, experts claim
  • The climb to 45,000ft would have incapacitated passengers and crew in seconds
  • Only someone with a bottled oxygen supply - like the one found in the plane's cockpit - could have survived
  • It comes as Malaysian police name Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah as the focus off their immediate investigation
  • Police are interviewing the pilot of MH370's family and friends about his state of mind
  • A friend of the pilot yesterday described him as in 'no fit state to fly'

The analysis of MH370's erratic final movements paints a terrifying picture of the doomed flight's last moments, with an expert saying they fit the pattern of a pilot on a suicide mission who wanted to crash the plane in one of the world's most inaccessible areas.

The remote crash site, now tracked to 2,500kms off Australia's west coast, means salvage teams might never recover the plane's black box, which would leave the flight's fate forever shrouded in mystery. If that's the case, it would mean the family of a pilot, passenger or crew member responsible would still be eligible for compensation payments.

The stunning analysis follows reports Malaysian police have made MH370's pilot the key focus of their immediate investigation, with officers interviewing Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah's family and friends about his behaviour and mindset in the days leading up to the flight.

Meanwhile, authorities have again been forced to call off the search for debris, with bad weather hampering their efforts for the second time in just three days.
'Last joyride':The pilot was upset over his marriage breakdown and was 'not in the right frame of mind to be flying'
Troubled mindset: Investigators are now focusing on Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, interviewing friends and family about the pilot's state of mind

Authorities have been able to piece together a rough snapshot of the mystery flight's final moments. Shortly after its final voice communication on March 8, flight MH370 reportedly climbed suddenly to between 43,000 and 45,000ft where it remained for 23 minutes. Military radar then picked up the plane flying as low as 5,000ft. 

The distance to the now-defined crash site means the plane must have then climbed to a normal cruising altitude of around 35,000ft before eventually plunging into the southern Indian Ocean
Family troubles: Zaharie Ahmed Shah, captain of Malaysian flight MH370, with his family

One experienced pilot told MailOnline that the sudden climb could have been a tactic to incapacitate the passengers and crew, ruling out a mechanical failure and instead blaming 'deliberate human interaction'.

He said the drop to 5,000ft could have been to re-pressurise the plane, before climbing again to its normal cruising altitude, before: 'flying to a remote location where you know no one would ever find it. That way insurers would still pay out to your loved ones.'

If the cabin was to be depressurised at 45,000ft, experts say, passengers and crew would only have about 15 seconds of functional consciousness before beginning to pass out. Any one without access to a bottled oxygen supply - like the one found in the cockpit - would be dead in minutes.


'I know my father better': Son of MH370 pilot breaks his silence to rubbish theories that Captain Zaharie deliberately crashed plane as bad weather suspends search again
'Last joyride': MH370 pilot upset over wife moving out and in 'no state of mind to be flying' says long-time friend

  • How much is a life worth? Relatives of westerners killed in MH370 crash to receive MILLIONS more in compensation than families of the plane's Asian passengers - as airline prepares for $750 million in claims

  • Australian aviation security expert, Mark Bishop, said that at that height, even the masks that automatically drop from the ceiling - which mix oxygen with cabin air -  would only extend consciousness for up to 15 minutes as their flow isn't strong enough to stave off the effects of hypoxia at that altitude.

    'Even with the oxygen out, it would only give them 15 minutes or so,' he said. 'Eventually they'd pass out even with their masks on.'
    Search abandoned: Thursday's salvage mission had to be aborted due to bad weather. It's the second time in three days the planes and boats have been ordered back to base.
    It follows news a high-ranking officer attached to the investigation said investigators are now interviewing Zaharie's relatives of the about his behavior and mindset in the days leading up the ill-fated flight. One friend has already described the captain as troubled, saying he was 'not in the right frame of mind to be flying' and warning the doomed flight could have been Zaharie's 'last joyride'.

    The high-ranking officer told USA Today that the investigation's immediate focus was pilot, saying that nobody else aboard the plane was capable of the maneuvers they now know the plane made shortly before  dropping off radar.
    Captain Zaharie's son, Ahmad Seth, says he has 'ignored all the speculation' around his father

    Captain Zaharie's son, Ahmad Seth, today broke his silence, saying he has 'ignored all the speculation' around his 53-year-old father since the plane mysteriously disappeared en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur 19 days ago.

    And the 26-year-old, Captain Zaharie's youngest son, says the family has yet to accept the official ruling that all 239 people on board are dead, insisting they will wait for physical evidence.

    I've read everything online. But I've ignored all the speculation,' he told the New Strait Times.
    'We may not be as close as he travels so much. But I understand him.

    'Now, we are just waiting for the right confirmation. I will believe it when I see the proof in front of my eyes.'


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