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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dok, Aku Kalu Buleh Tok Sir Mu Mapuh Lo Ni!

Kalau betullah Anwar berkata begitu, Anwar sudah silap!
Rasanya ramai Rakyat Malaysia yang doakan Mamak Tua ni dipanjangkan umur supaya kita dan dia boleh melihat dan menerima Qada' dan Qadarnya setelah kerajaan berubah nanti!

Tang bohong tu, rakyat boleh nilai sendiri dari masa dia ada kuasa sehinggalah sekarang betulkah cakap dia ni?
Jadi sebenarnya kita yang menilai
Bukan dia yang menilai diri sendiri

Siapa yang Pembohong dan siapa yang Pembelit, siapa Penyangat, siapa Penyamun dan siapa Perompak
Jangan risau Rakyat Malaysia yang berotak dan bermata celik tahu!
Dr M: Anwar cannot ‘will’ my death
K Pragalath April 28, 2013
Former premier claims Anwar Ibrahim lied to him when he joined Umno and is still lying.
PUTRAJAYA: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has dismissed his nemesis Anwar Ibrahim’s call for his death.
“Anwar cannot determine my death. It is God’s will, not Anwar’s.
“He can appeal to the courts.This is PKR’s campaign. Anwar has nothing to talk about,” said the 87-year-old statesman at a ceramah in Precinct 9, Putrajaya, last night.
He said this in response to Anwar’s alleged call on Wednesday during a ceramah in Kampung Abdullah in Segamat.
Anwar apparently said: ”It is almost time for him [Mahathir] to die at 83 years old. How long more? If you are going to die, just die.”
Anwar, however, has denied making any such call against his former mentor.
In a posting on Facebook, Anwar blamed “Umno-owned media for spinning a tale”.
Meanwhile, in the Putrajaya ceramah, Mahathir went on to assail PAS’ bid in the parliamentary constituency.
PAS is fielding vice-president Husam Musa against Umno-BN incumbent Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor.
He also criticised PAS spiritual adviser and Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat’s visit to the Putrajaya mosque on Friday.
“I am sad that this man is an ulama with beard but is lying. [PAS vice-president and Putrajaya parliamentary candidate) Husam (Musa) is sent to contest here because PAS believes I am contesting here.
"That is a lie from a Muslim ulama. He opens his mouth and lies about religion. He says PAS is Islam and Islam is PAS. Is he trying to make 1.6 billion Muslim non-believers?" said Mahathir.
Husam, a Kelantan state executive councillor and Salor state assemblyman, is bidding to unseat Tengku Adnan, who is Umno and BN secretary-general in the GE13 on May 5.
There are 15,798 voters in Putrajaya of whom 94% are Malays and other races make up the balance.
Tengku Adnan has been the incumbent since Putrajaya's inception. In 2008, he defeated Mohammad Nor Mohamad of PAS by a majority of 2,734 votes. Tengku Adnan polled 4,038 votes to Mohammad's 1,304 votes
In 2004, he trounced PKR's Abdul Rahman Othman with a majority of 3,546 votes. Abdul Rahman polled 540 votes to Tengku Adnan's 4,086 votes.
‘I’ll buy Nik Aziz a bell’
Mahathir then went on to criticize PAS who was once critical of Putrajaya’s construction but is now eyeing the administrative capital.
“Nik Aziz wanted to auction the Putrajaya mosque. I'll buy him a bell… [But] Putrajaya is not for [PAS president] Hadi [Awang], Nik Aziz and definitely not for Anwar,” he said.
Training his guns on PAS and Nik Aziz once more, Mahathir said that PAS’ reference to Kelantan as the porch of Mecca was insulting the holy Muslim city.
He pointed the failures of the PAS-led Kelantan government which had led to the lack of jobs and business opportunities.
“As a result of this, drug addiction is rampant.  It is Nik Aziz’s fault. I don’t blame the people for voting them [PAS] into power.
“Nik Aziz should take the blame for lying. I think he is senile. He is 82-years-old, he cannot stand up but he wants to contest for a seat.
“He talks about change. Please change yourself first,” said Mahathir.
The former prime minister who ruled the country for over two decades also turned down Husam’s debate dare on the issue of the Malay community that was made last month.
“I was in Kuala Kedah recently and they [PAS] revved up their motorcycles while I spoke. Who is Husam? Compared to me, he is a young man.
“Please debate with people of your own age group,” said Mahathir in reference to Husam’s dare.
‘Anwar a liar’
He also criticised the Kedah PAS administration for the open conflict between Kedah Menteri Besar Azizan Abdul Razak and his state executive councillor Phahrolrazi Mohd Rawawi, adding “PAS dreams of forming the next federal government”.
Mahathir also hammered at Pakatan Rakyat and Anwar’s ambition to be the next prime minister.
“What is Pakatan? Anyone can make a pact to steal chicken… to commit a crime.
“They are attempting to work like the BN component parties.
“Anwar formed Pakatan to become the prime minister and he is the greatest liar. Now even Hadi wants to be the prime minister, “ he said.
Mahathir said Anwar had lied to him when the latter joined Umno.
“Anwar lied to me. He joined Umno just to become prime minister. If he had joined PAS, he would not be prime minister,” he said.
Mahathir recalled Anwar’s rise to power and warned of the consequences if Anwar did become the prime minister.
“The prime minister’s room is large. There are many cute male and female officers walking in and out. Even his driver is not safe, what more these officers.
“Everything will be spoilt,” he said in reference to Anwar’s first sodomy trial in 1998. Anwar was charged with sodomising his driver Azizan Abu Bakar in 1992.
‘I did not expect to become PM’
Mahathir also pointed out that he along with other prime ministers such as Tunku Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak Hussein and Hussein Onn never dreamt of being a prime minister.
“Even I who used to sell pisang goreng (banana fritters) in Pekan Rabu in Alor Setar did not expect to become a prime minister.
“He [Anwar] is not fit and is crazily wanting to be prime minister. He joined Umno to be one. Now he is hugging PAS and DAP but please don’t hug them tightly,” said Mahathir in his usual sarcastic manner.
Mahathir urged Putrajaya voters to “ensure Husam loses badly”.
“What have Husam, Nik Aziz and PAS contributed to Putrajaya? Please go back and improve Kelantan.
“If he [Husam] succeeds, we’ll allow him to work in the offices here. We’ll even allow him to sell pisang goreng, then  after  10 to 15 years, you [Husam] would be prime minister.
“Until then please sit [selling pisang goreng] quietly,” said Mahathir at the ceramah that was also attended by his wife Dr Siti Hasmah Ali.
Mahathir was speaking to a crowd of about 900 people who were mostly outsiders and BN supporters to garner support for Tengku Adnan.

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