Saturday, June 3, 2017

Kematian Kadet di UPNM: Hari ini anak aku, bekas penuntut ATMA bersuara

Bila tidak diterapkan semangat esprit de corp, tak ada sifat setiakawan, tak ada semangat sayangkan skuad, inilah jadinya.
I miss those Akademi Tentera Malaysia days. Kene hell sama2, kene rendam sama2, bergelak ketawa sama2. We are like a huge family. Skuad mesti backup sesama skuad. Bab curi mencuri is not isolated, every batch mesti ada yg pe el mcm nk but how do we handle these kind of persons are what makes us human.
Obviously UPNM does not have that kind of environment. 2 hari kene seksa dgn kawan2 sendiri, i suppose they dont have rollcalls anymore, kalau tidak this couldve been prevented.
Military officers arent supposed to be trained like this. Unbecoming conduct for even a human, what have we as the society did to fail these kids so bad? 😢

The Star Online
3 hrs
When he was rushed to the hospital, 80% of his body was covered in bruises and burn marks.

PETALING JAYA: He was bound, beaten and burned with an iron for days, leading to his death – all because of a dispute over a laptop.

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