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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

SiRaja Katak Yang POYO : Nasib Baik Dia Tak Kata Perkasa Lebih Relevan Dari UMNO!

Bengap sungguh dia ni
Yang dia ingat hanya dikhianati UMNO
Bagaimana pengkhianatan dia terhadap UMNO dulu (sebelum jilat punggung Mahathir) dan PAS selepas itu?
(orang yang tahu sejarah hidup Brehem ni akan tahu) 

Ibrahim: Umno’s betrayal still hurts

Priscilla Prasena | October 30, 2013
Perkasa is more relevant now as Umno Youth has become increasingly irrelevant in championing the Malay agenda, says the Perkasa chief.

KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa president Ibrahim Ali accuses Umno of betraying him in 2003 when he was sacked as Pasir Mas Umno division chief after the redelineation of boundaries.
Speaking to FMT in an exclusive interview, Ibrahim said that he was devastated for all the hard work he had put in for the party which led him to stand as an independent candidate in 2004 general election as a sign of protest.
“The feeling of being sacked is worse than being detained under ISA. I never shed a tear when I was detained under ISA because I believed in my struggle for the Malays and Islam,” Ibrahim commented on his bitter experience.
He also expressed his gratitude towards PAS for inviting him to join the party when no one else cared about him.
“PAS gave me a lifeline in politics after I was sacked by former prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and totally forgotten by Umno,” he said.
Ibrahim appreciates PAS’ goodwill but does not agree to the party’s collaboration with DAP as his struggle was for the Malays and Islam.
“I supported Umno for the Malays and Islam, yet I was still sidelined,” he told FMT.

Perkasa more relevant now

Though upset with Umno, Ibrahim feels that the Pakatan Rakyat government will not be able to guarantee the stability of the nation like the ruling coalition.
“Who doesn’t want a change? Given a chance, I might opt for a change in the government every five years,” said Ibrahim.
He also said that Pakatan was not ready to rule Malaysia as it cannot agree to a common policy within the coalition.
“Everything is still the same, nothing has changed, except the leaders are becoming from bad to worse,” he chuckled while commenting on the new elected Umno line-up.
Meanwhile, speaking on Perkasa’s relevance, Ibrahim said the organisation was more relevant now, as Umno Youth has become more irrelevant now, leaving the championing of Malay agenda to Perkasa.
He also said Perkasa has helped increase support for BN in Malay states by organising events and rallies.
“What kind of liberalism and progressiveness is Umno Youth talking about when the movement has failed to get youths behind Barisan Nasional in the last election?” Ibrahim asked.
Ibrahim elaborated that liberalism means acknowledging the rights of the non-Malays to practice their culture and tradition, and to live their way of life with no intrusion

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    mat-tongsampah- Brahim tak tau

    terima kasih sama Presiden Pas.

    Bila dah gah , dia mula caci Pas.

    Haramjadah-1 malaysia lah lu.




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