Friday, March 17, 2017

Nazri a fool !



Ini adalah komen kepada posting saya yang telah terpadam "NAZRI LANGGAR DISPLIN PARTI DEBAT MUNGKIN TAK JADI"
Mafeeah17 March 2017 at 14:02

You may ask why did Nazri daringly challenge Mahathir to a contest in Padang Rengas and then daringly accepted a challenge to debate instead ?

In the case of a contest, he knew Mahathir will not stand for election. In the case of a debate, he thought Mahathir will not be interested to debate Nazri but instead Nazri's boss Najib. But when Mahathir said YES to the debate, Nazri was caught off guard. Hence, it was no daring act. It was an act of being brave at the wrong moment, with even some saying instead of bravery, it was utter stupidity.

So how do you now get out from this very messy situation which will not only be detrimental to Najib and his men, but also Umno, BN and the Government ? Use the Government themselves to stop the debate. How do you do that ? Many ways. Speaker says no debate on 1mdb because prejudice to ongoing case. Police says no permit therefore no gathering allowed. Umno says Nazri is its member but does not represent them in debate. Many more ways to stop the truth from getting out and making everyone but Nazri a fool !

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