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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Apa masalah perempuan ni?

Maaf 'auntie' Siti Kassim..
mk   -    Hari ini, 10:25 malam
Pegawai Khas Pejabat Penasihat Perdana Menteri, Datuk Fathul Bari Mat Jahaya tidak tahu terdapat tiga Muslim dalam kalangan 19 aktivis yang memfailkan saman bagi mengusir pendakwah kontroversi, Dr Zakir Naik dari Malaysia.

Dalam tulisan bertajuk 'Auntie Kassim Jangan Emosi' di Facebook, Fathul menjawab isu dibangkitkan peguam Siti Kassim tentang mengapa hanya dua wanita dijemput bagi mengadakan pertemuan dengan penceramah itu.

Sehubungan itu, Fathul menambah seorang lagi aktivis, Muhammad Mujahidin Zulkiffli dalam senarai bertemu Zakir Naik, selain seorang lagi peguam, Asiah Jalil.

"Maaf auntie Siti Kassim, saya tidak tahu bahawa ada tiga orang Muslim di antara 19 aktivis yang memfailkan saman. Itu kelemahan saya.

"Maka, dengan ini saya tambahkan lagi seorang untuk cadangan bertemu Dr Zakir Naik, so jadi tiga oranglah. Auntie Siti Kassim, akak Asiah Jalil dan Mujahidin. Is it ok?," tulisnya di Facebook.

Menjawab isu dibangkitkan oleh peguam itu tentang mengapa beliau tidak menjemput kesemua aktivis berkenaan, ini jawapan Fathul:

"Auntie Siti Kassim; saya dah sebut tempoh hari, Hindraf tidak relevan. Dan saya khususkan jemputan untuk auntie Siti Kassim, akak Asiah Jalil serta Mujahidin adalah kerana saya kasihkan kalian kerana Allah.

"Kalian adalah saudara se-Islam saya. Sebab itu, pertemuan ini akan dilaksanakan secara harmoni dan sejahtera tanpa sebarang provokasi mahupun diskriminasi," katanya.

Boleh bawa bodyguard

Malah, secara berjenaka, Fathul memberi jaminan supaya Siti Kassim tidak bimbang untuk bersemuka dengan Zakir Naik, termasuk mengupah pengawal peribadi sekiranya perlu.

"Saya berikan jaminan. Ini janji saya sebagai seorang Muslim. Kalau auntie Siti masih bimbang, bolehlah bawa bodyguard atau 'bonzer'. Jika Dr Zakir Naik buka silat, maka bodyguard auntie boleh karate dia. Gurau saja auntie," katanya yang turut menggunakan 'emoticon' lucu dalam tulisannya.

Menurut Fathul, Zakir telah bersetuju mengadakan pertemuan dengan syarat ia bermanfaat dan bertujuan merungkai salah faham.

"Adapun Auntie Siti Kassim asyik mengelat, konar-konar dan pusing-pusing. Last-last saya yang nak harmonikan keadaan pula kena marah dan dituduh nak buli auntie Siti Kassim.

"Saya tengok Auntie Siti pun saya dah takut. Takkanlah berani saya nak buli. Subhanallah. Tak baik la auntie Siti Kassim. Akak Asiah Jalil tak marah pun saya," tulisnya dalam nada gurauan.

Terdahulu, Siti Kasim hari ini berkata beliau bersedia bertemu dengan Zakir Naik dengan syarat kesemua 19 orang yang mahu mengusir penceramah itu terlibat sama.

Siti juga tidak puas hati dengan pelawaan Fathul untuk mengaturkan pertemuan itu dengan mempersoalkan kenapa hanya dua wanita dijemput.

“Kenapa dia nak jumpa I saja, dengan Asiah? Sebab kita orang perempuan? Kalau dia nak jumpa semua 19 orang, ya, kita akan bertemu,” kata Siti.

Malah peguam itu mempertahankan kenyataannya dan mendakwa terdapat agenda “cauvinis lelaki” yang jelas dalam isu itu.


  1. Memo
    To:: Ms Siti kassim and Fellow -Comrade-In- Arms

    fr: Tokman

    Ms Siti Kassim and Associates In Arms


    When we were young, we get too emotional
    that we do not see the forest for the trees.
    You have a lot of objections on the RU 355.
    i have my reservations too.The laws in
    Arabia 300 tears after the Prophet Muhammad
    {SAW] is not codified but some semblance of the
    doctrine of precedence were adopted. I have always asked my readers to read
    the book 'Islam The Misunderstood
    Religion' by Muhammad Qutb to have a grasp of the
    concept of Islam. In the book Muhammad Qutb had
    stressed that the theme in Islam is always 'compassion'which I had heard you told a
    group of Pas supporters.

    Islamic Laws Not cast In Stone

    Continue reading the book again and you can suggest appropriate alteration
    as an activist. To campaign for
    a change one must understand what is the basis of Islamic philosophy. Islam is a religion of all time. Its laws and precepts
    are not cast in stone. Translation - The value of a morality-what is right or wrong
    changes with the evolution of the society.


  2. contd 2/2

    Let us take a closer look at the case of the policeman who plunged to his
    death during a khalwat raid. There is a pre=existing procedure where
    participants in a khalwat wpuld be apprehended by 'Mats in the Jakim organisation'
    as provided by the syaria enactments.

    Look at the circumstance prior to the arrest. You need a complainant and a required
    number of witness for the
    charge to be successful. In effect there is a supposition ofa society intervention
    before the arrest is made. in the history
    France before the rise of Charlemagne, trial by peers [the fate of the prisoner rests
    on what is viewed as right or wrong by his fellow men] is the hallmark of Islamic rule which is copied by the legal sytem of Europe.

    Do you know how a man is determined to have told the truth or otherwise 800 years ago in England?
    The law officers [sheriff] would require that he put his hands in some boilng
    liquid and if he survived the torture ,
    he would be deemd innocent!

    Khalwat Raid

    A scenario like this is played out. Mat visited Minah at the apartment. A busybody neighbour who has been trying to hook up with the Minah
    got frustrated.. His jealousy got the
    better of him and he called jakim. This is a possible scenario.

    It is not for the upholding of the Islamic law that jakim is called. It is his raging jelaousy
    that trigger the call. To have a law fairly
    executed the Islamic populace must be up to a reasonable standard.

    There are rules which are conflicting to the Islamic law. In Islamic family law one can
    marry and divorce quite easily. In a melayu
    environment- there is a hurdle to marriage - big money is required and marriage is associated
    with pomp and splendour contrary to the spirit of Islam. Jakim
    is a big contradiction in terms- while it tries
    to prevent 'zina' [ unlawful union of men and woman], it puts big hurdles in the lawful union of men and women. Compare the marriage regime
    in the 60's and now -you will find immense hurdles put up by Jakim so that manner
    and form leading to the solemnization of a marriage become the main
    stage and the actual akad [marriage solemnization]
    become small and insignificant. Lawyers especially muslim lawyers must continue to be
    vigilant to protect the philosophy of the sharia which is ' life -made-simple.' All the
    hurdles got to be thrown out into the dustbin.
    Criminal Law
    in Muhammad Qutbs book , it is mentioned that the cutiing of hands had taken palce in 2/3
    situations and I suspect that the the punishment may be overly harsh.
    In Saudi Arabia, they can provide alms to the poor and have the financial clout
    to give to aid to all their subjects. In other words the government-of-the-people must
    provide before one can be deprived of his hands shoul he transgress the law.Ahmad Deedat, Zakir and Yusuf Estes Coming back to Zakir
    Naik.Some years ago a prominent Muslim Theologist
    who were once a catholic priest noted .

    We are indeed fortunate that we can celebrate
    living among men who had memorized practically all the holy books of the world-
    Ahmad Deedat and Zakir Naik. Ahmad Deedat had left us [ may Allah Rests his soul]
    and we have only Zakir Naik who can discuss the bible , the hindu [vedas] and the
    Quran all at the same time. Zakir Naik took the world by storm. he does not mince his
    words when he said God is one and no less. In Endland Rev Rowan Williams , the
    Archbishop has since [ 2006] told the followers of the Church Of England that they
    are free to believe in the uniqueness of God and freely abondoned the trinity
    concept which had been adhered to for over 2000 years!

    And why would one be persuaded to think that Zakir is other than a great thinker and and great
    source of reference in Comparative religion?

    this article appears in


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