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MIC Nak Bela Atau Nak Tumpang Semangkok?

Dalam politik macam-macam jenis manusia ada
Yang boleh servive adalah yng mengikut rentak
Kalau menongkah arus.. 
Mamposs kau!

MIC leader gives SW1M chief a backstroke
G Vinod
January 16, 2013
S Vell Paari says that Sharifah Zohra Jabeen lacks the 'mental evolution' needed to debate with law undergraduate KS Bawani.

PETALING JAYA: A MIC leader has launched a broadside against Suara Wanita 1Malaysia (SW1M) chief Sharifah Zohra Jabeen, saying that the latter’s “mental evolution ranks below that of a parasite”.
“It will take the SW1M president another five million years to evolve to a stage that will allow her to debate with law undergraduate KS Bawani,” said S Vell Paari.
Sharifah drew brickbats after a 24-minute video of her patronising Bawani at a forum held at Universiti Utara Malaysia went viral on the Internet.
When Bawani had posed questions on free education and Bersih, Sharifah interrupted the undergraduate by saying “listen” and “let me speak” umpteen times to silence the law student.
She also snatched the microphone from Bawani and said that the undergraduate should move to another country if she wanted free education and added that even animals had problems.
However, Sharifah did not attempt to answer the questions posed by Bawani and her condescending attitude received applause from other undergraduates in the hall.
Vell Paari said that the younger generation now was more aware of the happenings around them and were becoming assertive.
“Gone were the days when students were uninterested in politics and were only concerned about cultural programmes. They are now talking about civil rights and a transparent government.
“Bawani is a good example of this. Instead of trying to suppress them, we should learn how to communicate with them,” he said.
The MIC leader also said that he was glad that students were becoming more enlightened, saying it would keep politicians on their toes at all times.

‘Apologise to Bawani’

Training his guns on Sharifah, Vell Paari said that the latter should apologise to Bawani for her behaviour.
He also said that Sharifah should have engaged Bawani with facts and figures instead of berating the undergraduate.
“If you can’t debate, walk away. Instead, Sharifah started comparing humans with animals. It’s very immature,” he added.
He also criticised Sharifah for telling Bawani to move to another country, reminding the SW1M president that the student was a Malaysian citizen as much as Sharifah.
“Former prime miniser Dr Mahathir Mohamad was eager to work closely with Cuba during his time. Going by Sharifah’s logic, should Mahathir be moving out to Cuba as well?” asked Vell Paari.
He also urged the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) to keep tabs on those who were using the 1 Malaysia motto, saying irresponsible people might misuse it to tarnish the government’s image.
“Probably, the government should come up with a rule that anyone who wants to use the 1Malaysia motto must get the approval from PMO first.
“Just because one person creates a blunder using the 1Malaysia motto, the government gets blamed for it,” he added.
System failure
DAP leader and Kota Alam Shah state assemblyman M Manoharan said that students must be allowed to speak out on issues without fear.
“Only then we would have good quality students. It’s sad to see how our tertiary institutions have become these days,” he said.
On students not coming to Bawani’s defence, Manoharan said that it reflected how the Malaysian education system had failed the students.
“I don’t blame the students. It’s our education system that instills a culture of fear in them. They fear that the institution may suspend or expel them if they come to her defence,” he said.
In a related development, Malaysian Indians Progressive Association (Mipas) secretary-general S Bharatidasan also urged Sharifah to tender a public apology to Bawani for her condescending attitude.
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  1. Saya melihat beberapa kali klip video sensasi "listen" bukan untuk apa tetapi untuk mendengar tepuk gemuruh dan sorak pelajar-pelajar apabila Bawani KS diasak oleh seorang yang BODOH tapi berasa cerdik, kutu beraha' yang sangka dia bos.

    Samaada tepukan sorakn itu untuk menyanggah asakan Sharifah Zohra Jeybon atau menyokong Bawani yang berani....

    JELAS dan NYATA siswa/i UUM TIDAK ADA PERASAAN SOLIDARIT & RASA KEKELUARGAAN di kalangan mereka..... Sharifah Zohra ini membelasah sahabat mereka bersorak kegirangan......

    Di mana hilangnya saya persaudraan dan kasih sayang sesama siswa/i ???
    Semangat persudaran tahun 60an, 70an, 80an dan 90an - Kami ssanggup menjadi galang ganti bila brothers & sisters fellow student dikasari dan dihina.... SYABAS UUMian you're true BNian........

    We group of 60ies are proud being MCCKKian, STARian, SDARian, HAMIDian....... so son and so on.... togehter we stand till today let it be new or older generation....

  2. Anon 1:10 PM

    Benar dan betul.
    Memang nampak solidarity dah longgar dan mungkin tidak wujud lagi di kalangan generasi sekarang


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