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Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Photographer Captures Intense Moment When Lions Encounter Injured Fox

It was a warm day in April when photographer Graham Dyer was walking through the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in South Africa.

But then, Graham happened upon something amazing, a “once-in-a-lifetime” event. The reserve, which is situated in the national park in the Botswana’s Kalahari Desert, is approximately double the size of Massachusetts. When an injured fox was trapped by a lioness, it seemed like all was over for the poor fox. However, what happened next was absolutely incredible, as you’re about to see…

1. Caught
It wasn’t clear how or when the helpless fox was injured, but he was unable to move much as the hungry lioness approached him. It looked like it was game over…

2. Family
Other family members came along and took a keen interest in the fox, probably wondering how much meat it had on its bones…

3. Curious Cubs
Mom and dad were with their three young cubs at a local watering hole when they came across the fox. Naturally, the cubs were very curious about the fox, and crowded around to see what was going on.

4. Motherly Instinct
While the cubs assumed it was dinnertime, the mother sat protectively around the injured fox, as her motherly instinct kicked-in, so it seemed.

5. Intrigued
The poor fox had some kind of painful back injury, and was squealing in pain, as the lions approached to smell their prey.

6. Siesta Time
As the evening drew on, the lions family and the injured fox took a nap together, and nobody was eating the fox or even threatening it.

7. Losing Interest
The daddy lion decided that the fox wasn’t worth hanging around for, and soon lost interest, leaving the fox to the mother and the cubs.

8. Typical Male
The male lion walked off for a while, but seemed intrigued by why the mother lion was still protecting the fox. He went over to investigate further.

9. Over-Protective
The male lion roared a bit at the fox, and as he did so, the mother swiped at him with her paw, as if warning him off from harming her new ‘cub.’

10. Rebuked
As you can see from this picture, the man lion got some serious rebuke from the mother lion, as she fiercely protected the fox.

11. Bliss Ruined
Just a few minutes later, and Dyer could hear the sounds of the hungry lion family eating something. They appeared to be fighting over food in the distance, and Dyer assumed the worst

12. Other Lions
When Dyer got closer to investigate, the fox was still safe and well, and the lions had joined another pride who had brought back food.

13. Full Recovery
Amazingly, the fox seemed to make a remarkable recovery from his injuries. As Dyer wrote on social media, “Although at first it appeared to have a broken back or pelvis, it eventually was able to stand up unsteadily on its back legs. So it may have just been badly bruised.”

14. Not Safe Yet
Although Dyer didn’t manage to capture it on camera, after his experience with the lions, the fox was accosted by two seemingly hungry jackals. He fended them off with his battlecries and escaped safely.

15. Still Alive
According to Dyer, the fox is still alive some days later, and was spotted recuperating in a patch of grass.

16. An Amazing Story
Knowing he couldn’t keep the amazing story to himself, Dyer went ahead and shared the pictures and the details on Africa Geographic. Understandably, the story captured the heart of many people from across the globe. .

[Featured image credit: Graham Dyer]

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