Thursday, June 16, 2016

Terjumpa share dalam fb bini aku: Nak tergelak ada, kesian pun ada.......

Mantapkan lg ilmu agama tu ye pakcik. Jgn kira nak sembur org je judt sbb umur hang lg tua.

Hani Maldini
I can't believe at how ignorant some people can be.

Just experienced a scene this evening where a 50-ish year old pakcik scolded a pregnant woman who was eating discreetly at the back of a restaurant (far from sight of public and only a few of female workers were there) as he was making his way to the washroom. The lady even mentioned that not only she is pregnant, but that she also still breastfeed her son thus she is not capable of fasting that day. She even apologised to the pakcik if it offended him as she didn't mean to let herself being seen eating in public in the daylight of Ramadhan.

The pakcik's reply made me wanna slap the stupidity out of him when he angrily shouted at the lady "Siapa ajar kau mengandung tak boleh puasa? Ustaz mana yang cakap macam tu. Kalau dah malas nak puasa tu kata je la malas. Ni mengandung la menyusu la".and i could see tears rolling down the lady's cheek.

I rarely have the courage to confront people or make a scene but as I walked past the pakcik, I sternly said to him "Kan ada rukhsah puasa untuk golongan wanita yang mengandung dan menyusu anak. Basic tu, budak sekolah pun tahu. Ilmu agama pakcik kurang lagi ni, kena mantapkan lagi ya?" and he just stood there quietly for minutes dumbfounded with his eyes protruding at me not knowing what to reply perhaps.

LOL sorry not sorry pakcik. I know it's wrong to talk to an old man like that but your stupidity and ignorance really provoked me. As someone who is expected to be more experienced, knowledgeable and wiser, your treatment to women especially pregnant women at this age says a lot about your level of maturity.

# Haha......kesian kan orang tua tuh? Nak negor orang konon!
   Rupanya dia sendiri yang terjumpa Ustaz longkang?

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