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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Menimbulkan kecurigaan dan teka-teki......

You can see the bag carriers (about 17 of them) carrying 25 suitcases or more onto the plane. baca selebihnya di link ini

It is a flight hazard to put suitcases in the passenger compartment. If there is turbulence the large bags may fly around inside the passenger area.  This is certainly in breach of safety regulations.

But why not just put the suitcases in the luggage compartent? What is so special or valuable that the more than 25 suitcases must go with the sole passenger (plus maybe a few more).

If there were other passengers surely their suitcases would have been loaded in the luggage storage of the plane.  

Depositing large amounts of cash in Turkish banks may get the Turkish banks involved in money laundering. The Turks are not very clever either.

Diamonds can be kept in safety deposit boxes in a bank - no money laundering regulations involved. But you dont need suitcases to carry diamonds.   

If the suitcases came back empty or did not come back then you know that the short dumpy woman is building a nest somewhere outside the country.

They are preparing their getaway nest.  The conclusion to this cartoon show is so predictable.   

While on a Flight to Turkey it may be useful to read The Flight To Varennes.  But these people are not the reading kind.

Article dari sumber ini dan baca sepenuhnya di sini

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