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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Pembunuh Hari Bastille tayang badan sebulan sebelum serangan - gambar

Posing topless, the smiling face of terror: Bastille Day attacker pictured sunning his torso in grinning holiday snap just months before his deadly massacre 
  • Terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel shows off his muscular frame in holiday picture
  • Seen strolling along beach in photo taken months before Bastille Day attack
  • Tunisian-born gym fanatic, 31, ploughed a 19-tonne lorry into crowds in Nice
  • It left 84 people dead and 202 injured including 50 'between life and death' 
PUBLISHED: 00:39 GMT, 17 July 2016 | UPDATED: 01:31 GMT, 17 July 2016
Smiling assassin: Strolling along the beach on a family holiday, trucker terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel shows off his muscular frame in a picture taken just months before he slaughtered 84 people

Strolling towards the camera on a family beach trip, topless terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel suns himself in a holiday snap taken just months before he slaughtered 84 people on Bastille Day.

The Tunisian-born gym fanatic, 31, ploughed a 19-tonne lorry into crowds of men, women and children while they were celebrating France's most important national holiday in Nice on Thursday.

A further 202 people were injured, including 50 who are 'between life and death', after monstrous Bouhlel brought terror and bloodshed to the French Riviera.

The delivery driver, who was also a keen kickboxer, is believed to have been taking strong medication to control mood swings which had destroyed his marriage.

His cousin told MailOnline Bouhlel never prayed or attended a mosque, and hit his wife - with whom he had three children aged five, three and 18 months - and was in the process of getting a divorce.

Bouhlel is also said to have been addicted to strong cannabis which made his bouts of mental illness worse.
The terrorist, who had been known to the French police since January, had been on the radar for six months for petty criminality.

It is understood he lost his job as a delivery driver when he fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into four cars and had also been involved in a bar brawl.

Walid Hamou, a cousin of Bouhlel's wife Hajer Khalfallah, told MailOnline: 'Bouhlel was not religious. He did not go to the mosque, he did not pray, he did not observe Ramadan.'He drank alcohol, ate pork and took drugs. This is all forbidden under Islam.

'He was not a Muslim, he was a s***.
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  1. trimaksih buat infonya,,
    semoga bermanfaat gan,,

  2. Psycho rupanya. Barat cepat betul tuding pd Islam, padahal dia anak didik lifestyle barat!


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