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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Signatures That Don't Lie

Signatures That Don't Lie - How Najib Razak Personally Ran 1MDB EXCLUSIVE!
10 April 2016 

The facts published by Malaysia’s Public Accounts Committee have proved that the constant denials issued by Jho Low, Najib Razak, Shahrol Halmi and their friends at PetroSaudi over the past few months about 1MDB were repeated lies.

For example, Low has officially claimed that he had no involvement in 1MDB beyond May 2009, when he allegedly stepped down from his post as Najib’s official ‘Advisor’ to the fund.

In the same vein, Najib Razak has claimed he performed a distant ‘advisory role’.

So, setting aside all the evidence of the emails from the PetroSaudi database, published by Sarawak Report, which PetroSaudi have libellously accused us of “tampering”, we now have the official report of the supreme Parliamentary authority on the matter.

The PAC report has confirmed that Najib was the sole shareholder and signatory for the fund – and now for the first time Sarawak Report is able to publish the actual documents to show the proof.  These company records show that from start to finish, Najib was signing off on resolutions, which the Prime Minister plainly knew were riddled with lies.

Government to Government with ‘KSA’

Take, for example, the on-going fiction that the PetroSaudi deal was a ‘government to government’ joint venture with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Najib was still signing documents alluding to this bogus claim as late as 2011, when he sent off yet another whopping sum of US$125 million, borrowed by 1MDB, supposedly again to PetroSaudi.

The records show that the money was actually banked by Good Star Limited, a company owned by Najib’s proxy, Jho Low, as part of a US$330 million dollar transaction recorded by Bank Negara as having been misappropriated to an unrelated third party!

The fact that PetroSaudi had nothing to do with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was merely a small private company, in which the King’s seventh son had a 50% share, was plainly known to Najib, since the beneficial owners had to be declared to the banks (we have already shown the documents).

We also have emails from shareholder Tarek Obaid’s brother warning that PetroSaudi must tone down Najib’s proposed press release at the launch of the joint venture, to make sure 1MDB did not mislead the international press with claims of a ‘government to government’ venture.

The email trails show exactly how this matter of presenting the company as somehow linked to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was discussed between the PetroSaudi directors, Jho Low (back-copied on all correspondence) and  Shahrol Halmi on behalf of the PM.

Najib wanted to give a false impression that the company was an official organ of the state and was involved in minute detail in the drafting of the public announcements, according to this evidence:


  1. Najib bertuah kerana jadi Presiden UMNO, parti ahli bahkan kebanyakan pemimpin tak tahu apa apa...kerana itu laki Shahrizat senang rembat 250 juta konon nak bela lembu...

  2. jawapan paling mudah bg yg berkuasa untuk menutup kesalahan jabatan atau irg bawah nya
    'saya tak tau.dapat tau pun hanya dari lapuran media"
    mudah kan .
    kalau lah dia tak membaca atau dengar ape2 dari media.sampai bila2 pun tak akan tau.

    masaaalah betul la..


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